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Scissor Lifts

The scissor lift or platform lift, is an automated industrial lift that may be customized to be utilized in retail, wholesale, manufacturing and production settings. Industrial scissor lifts have been used predominantly within production and manufacturing facilities for many decades to successfully hoist and lower materials, people and other equipment. The scissor lift is a platform with wheels that operates like a lift truck. It is convenient for duties that require the mobility and speed of transporting people and material into the air.

Scissor lifts can reach anywhere from 6.5 to 18.8 meters or 21 to 62 feet when completely extended. It is not like other types of lifts that utilize a straight support to raise its platform, rather it has folding supports directly below the platform that come together to stretch the platform upwards. Accessible with either an electric or hydraulic motor, the scissor lift provides a bumpy ride due to the lift's design that keeps it from traveling with a continuous velocity. Instead, it travels faster in the middle of its path and slows down with more extension.

The original scissor lifts were initially built in the 1970's. Vast enhancements in safety and materials have been prepared ever since then, but the essential model is still accepted. A relative to the forklift, the scissor lift became recognized for its portability and effectiveness, also becoming standard as they were the only industrial platforms that could be without difficulty retracted to fit into the corner of a room. Current scissor lifts are presently used in just about all areas of production and manufacturing. Used in the construction industry successfully on an uneven terrain and commonly used indoors among warehouses to automobile repair, these machines complete a varied workload.

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