Calgary Crane Training School

Calgary Crane Training School

Calgary Crane Training School - We provide industry relevant programs in our crane training school. The course would provide our trainees with learning outcomes matching the current industry demands. Our small class sizes combine theory and hand-on experience. Our industry-experienced, qualified instructors offer real world expertise to assist trainees to get valuable skills and knowledge in their chosen field.

Theory Programs

The crane training school features a strong grounding in theory related to power-line safety, regulations, inspection and site hazards involved in crane operation. Trainees would get information of rigging, hardware applications and load charts. Direct feedback and quizzes during the course would assist trainees solidify their understanding.

Theory course topics: Safety fundamentals for crane operators; introduction to crane certification process; crane operation knowledge; rigging knowledge; load chart knowledge; crane rigging charts; crane pre-trip inspections & set-up, and crane maintenance and service.

Practical Programs

The practical training section of the crane training school emphasizes hands-on learning. This portion of the course focuses on the identification and terminology of crane components. Trainees will have the opportunity to practice skills considered necessary for crane signaling, rigging and operating.

Practical course topics: Learn crane terms; identify crane components and functions; identify rigging and wire ropes; utilize remote control; pre-use check on crane; identify regulations and documents for rigging and wire rope; carry out correct lowering and lifting of loads; perform rigging techniques and use radio and hand signals.

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Our large number of programs should ensure that you will find the right one for you or your personnel. Additionally, we offer you two options for training. We can provide it on-site or at our place of operations. Our experienced team can tailor our instruction to your specific equipment at your location of operations.

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