Toyota Forklift

Toyota Forklift

Since 1992, Toyota Material Handling inc., U.S.A., also called TMHU, have been the top selling lift truck provider in the U.S. This business has been situated out of Irvine, California for well over 40 years, offering a wide-ranging line of quality lift trucks. With a first-rate reputation of resilience and reliability, Toyota lift trucks have thrived in the competitive materials handling market. Quality is the foundation of Toyotaâ??s notorious Toyota Production System practiced at all manufacturing facilities, including TIEM, which is stands for Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, located in Columbus, Indiana. The majority of the Toyota lift trucks sold in the U.S.A are manufactured here.

All Toyota's manufacturing facilities within Canada and the United States comply with the International Organization for Standardization or ISO 14001 standard. TIEM has been honored many times for its dedication to persistent improvement, and its environmental methods. It is the first and only maker to offer EPA and CARB-certified Compressed Natural Gas powered lift trucks on the market. To illustrate, the Toyota 8-Series IC lift trucks emit 70% fewer smog forming emissions than the current centralized EPA standards and have complied with Californiaâ??s strict emission standards and regulations.

Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A. - The Industry Leader

Brett Wood, President of TMHU, links Toyotaâ??s success to its stout dedication to constructing the best quality lift trucks while delivering the utmost customer service and support. â??We must be able to learn and predict the needs of our customers,â? said Brett Wood. â??As a leader, our success also depends on our ability to address our customersâ?? operational, safety and environmental cost issues.â? TMHUâ??s parent company, Toyota Industries Corporation, also called TICO, is listed in Fortune Magazine as the worldâ??s leading lift truck dealer and is among the magazines impressive Worldâ??s Most Admired Companies.

Redefining Environmental Responsibility

Toyota Industries Corporation, as the parent company, has instilled a rich company doctrine of environmental stewardship in Toyota. Not many other organizations and no other lift truck maker can equal Toyotaâ??s history of protecting the environment while concurrently advancing the economy. Environmental accountability is an important aspect of company decision making at Toyota and they are proud to be the first and only manufacturer to offer UL-listed, EPA- and CARB-certified Compressed Natural Gas powered lift trucks. Yet another reason they remain a leader within the industry.

Toyota originally launched the 8-Series line of lift trucks in 2006, again exhibiting its leadership and innovation in the industry. Featuring an exclusive emission system that eclipsed both Federal EPA emission values, and California's more environmentally friendly emission standards. The end creation is a lift truck that produces 70% less smog forming emissions than the existing Federal standards tolerate.

Moreover in 2006, Toyota established a relationship with the Arbor Day Foundation, furthering their commitment to the environment. Upwards of 57,000 trees have been planted in district parks and national forests damaged by natural reasons such as fires, as a result of this relationship. 10,500 seedlings have also been scattered through Toyota Industrial Equipmentâ??s network of sellers to non-profit organizations and local consumers to help sustain communities all over the U.S.

Industry Leader in Safety

Toyota's lift vehicles offer improved stability, visibility, productivity, ergonomics, and all the foremost safety technology that has made Toyota an industry leader. The companyâ??s System of Active Stability, also known as â??SASâ?, helps decrease the risk of mishaps and accidental injuries, in addition to increasing productivity levels while minimizing the likelihood of product and equipment damage.

System Active Stability is able to perceive circumstances that could lead to lateral unsteadiness and potential lateral overturn. When one of these conditions have been detected, the SAS will instantaneously engage the Swing Lock Cylinder to re-stabilize the rear axle. This changes the lift truckâ??s stability footprint from triangular in shape to rectangular, providing a major increase in stability which substantially reduces the probability of an accident from a lateral overturn. The Active Mast Function Controller or the Active Control Rear Stabilizer also aids to prevent injuries or accidents while adding durability.

SAS was initially introduced to the market on the 7-Series internal combustion products in 1999 and subsequently catapulted Toyota into the industry leader for safety. Since then, SAS has been integrated into most of Toyotaâ??s internal combustion models. It is standard gear on the new 8-Series. There are more than 100,000 SAS-equipped lift vehicles in action, exceeding 450 million hours combined. The increased population of SAS-equipped trucks in the field, along with required operator education, overturn fatalities across all designs have decreased by 13.6% since 1999. Additionally, there has been an overall 35.5% decrease in industry wide collisions, loss of control, falls and overturn from a lift vehicle for the same period.

Toyota's pattern of brilliance reaches far beyond its technological achievements. The company maintains a widespread Operator Safety Training program to help consumers meet OSHA standard 1910.178. Education courses, video lessons and assorted materials, covering a broad scope of mattersâ??from personal safety, to OSHA regulations, to surface and cargo situations, are available through the supplier network.

Toyota's U.S. Dedication

Ever since the transaction of its first lift truck in the U.S. to the construction of its 350,000th lift vehicle produced in 2009 at Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing, TMHU has sustained a unbroken presence in the U.S. This fact is demonstrated by the statistic that 99% of Toyota lift trucks bought in America at the moment are built in the United States.

Based in Columbus, Ind., the Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg. campus equals 998,000 square feet of facilities across 126 acres. Facilities include a National Customer Center, as well as production operations and supply centers for equipment and service components, with the whole investment exceeding $113 million dollars.

The new NCC was designed to serve TMHU clients and sellers. The facility includes a 360-degree showroom, a presentation theater complete with stadium seating for 32, an area for live merchandise demonstrations with seating capability for 120; a presentation theater; Toyotaâ??s Hall of Fame showcasing Toyotaâ??s history since the birth of its founder, Sakichi Toyoda, in 1867, and finally a training center.

Leader in Customer Service and Satisfaction

TMHU has 68 official industrial equipment dealers, along with 189 dealership locations throughout the United States, providing the most complete and inclusive client support and customer service in the industry. The companyâ??s new and Licensed Used lift vehicles, service, parts, and financing features make Toyota dealerships a one-stop shop to ensure total consumer satisfaction.

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